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Alumni Weekend Discipline Event Programmes


Alumni Weekend Discipline Event Programmes

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Chemical Engineering


Welcome by Prof Lev Sarkisov

In his welcome, Prof Lev Sarkisov will talk about Chemical Engineering Discipline today: how it grew in staff numbers, what our students are up to, all new ideas and initiatives, and what a creative place it is becoming.


Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh: A Retrospective by Dr William Scott

Join us to look back at Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh, from its humble beginnings in 1955 through to the present day.

If you have photos with classmates/staff that you would like to show for this event, please email them to


Current Chemical Engineering discipline: Mixer with academic staff and tours of teaching and research labs

Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh is currently going through an unprecedented growth. A total of 31 academic staff is currently active to deliver the highest standards of teaching and research, with over 100 undergraduate students enrolled every year, a M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical Engineering on offer, and a total of 99 postgraduate students.

In this session you will have the chance to join staff and postgraduate students, past and present, to have an appreciation of the current research and teaching activities in our discipline. We will also guide you through our lab facilities, including the new developments in our teaching labs as well as demonstrate the latest technologies delivered by our research staff.


Future Outlook: Denbigh Foundation by Prof Stefano Brandani

Our afternoon event will conclude with the presentation of the Denbigh Society, our exclusive society gathering current students, staff and alumni in Chemical Engineering. You will be prompted to offer your feedback on its vision and activities, and help shape it as a society truly representing our entire community.


Chemical Engineering Alumni Group Photo


Civil and Environmental Engineering

These events will take place in the Coffee hall and the AGB Seminar Room.


Alumni Welcome, Prof Paolo Perona



Looking back: Engineering history and current research areas of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prof Luke Bisby



Past, present and future plans of Civil and Environmental Engineering discipline, Prof Tim Stratford



Future infrastructures, Prof Gordon Masterton



University of Edinburgh impact on international practice, Prof Mike Forde



Play with Science Today

Interactive laboratory demonstrations in the AGB Seminar room:

  • Granular Flow
  • Tensile testing of plant cuttings
  • Flocculation
  • Acoustic emission
  • Virtual concrete cube test (videos)
  • Modal analysis of a vibrating structure
  • Thermal imaging of evapotranspiration
  • Urban, wild and space fires (videos)
  • Small scale GPR test



Guided tour of IIE Laboratories



Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Group Photo


Electronics and Electrical Engineering


James Clerk Maxwell Foundation Tour

James Clerk Maxwell was a mathematical physicist and is one of the most influential scientists of all time, who formulated the theory of Electromagnetic Radiation. His work led to the development of the television, radio, and infrared telescopes. Albert Einstein himself said that “The work of James Clerk Maxwell changed the world forever”. Maxwell studied at the University of Edinburgh from 1847 to 1850.

On the morning of Saturday 6th October, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Alumni have the opportunity to visit The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation at 14 India Street. This substantial terrace house was the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell and was built for Maxwell’s father. The building is now a museum and educational venue where visitors can tour the building to view a growing collection of items related to Maxwell, his family and associates and reflect on the impact of his work on modern society.

The Foundation tour will last approximately one hour and will start at 10:00 and 11:00.


Museum of Communications

The Scottish Microelectronics Centre on the Kings Buildings Campus, will play host to a range of exhibits from the Museum of Communications on Saturday morning. There will three sections to the exhibition comprising ranges of telecommunication, computing and measurement equipment for visitors to view. Don’t miss this chance to reminisce about the good old days of your first mobile phone, undergraduate laboratory oscilloscope or BBC home computer. Volunteers from the Museum will be on hand to discuss the exhibits. If you would like to attend, please contact to register.

The Museum of Communication Foundation Trust (MoCFT) was established in January 1992, to provide a forum for people interested in communications and to study the development of communication and IT, with emphasis on collecting, preserving and exhibiting artefacts that illustrate this development.


Looking back: Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Join staff and students, past and present, to look back at Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh, from humble beginnings 150 years ago to the formation of the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1961 through to the present day.

If you have photos with classmates/staff that you would like to show for this event, please email them to


Lab tour and demonstrations

Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh is constantly evolving in order maintain the highest standards of teaching and research. Much of this involves enhancing our computing and laboratory capabilities, since practical work is such a key element of both teaching and research. We will guide you through our IT and lab facilities, old and new, and demonstrate the latest technologies developed at Edinburgh.


Electronics and Electrical Engineering Alumni Group Photo


Mechanical Engineering


Back to the class!

A welcoming session that will allow our Alumni to know each other better and understand the changes in mechanical engineering discipline over the last years.


Lab tours and demonstrations


  • Materials Laboratory and HypED (Hyperloop project)
    This tour will give insight on novel composites and materials characterisation and will analyse how scientific knowledge is transferred and applied for engineering design.
  • FloWave, Ocean Energy Research Facility
    Conceived for cutting edge academic research, FloWave is the only facility of its kind in the world!
  • InnSpace & Teaching laboratories
    Join us to understand the evolution of the teaching methods applied to mechanical engineering.


Mechanical Engineering Alumni Group Photo

In the main entrance stairway, Sanderson Building.


Further Alumni Weekend Information

Following each Group Photo, everyone will be invited to return to the Marquee for refreshments before the evening dinner at Dynamic Earth.

Please view our main Engineering 150 Alumni Weekend event page for further details.